Monday, May 17, 2010

The Journey of a 1,000 miles....

Lao-tzu (a Chinese philosopher) once said that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
As we begin our journies, which will be a LOT longer than a 1,000 miles, we have created a place where we can stay in touch with the people that we care about.
If you have the address to this BLOG, than we must care about you!
We will post stories, comments and photos as we travel around the US, Canada (of course) and New Zealand.
Please stay in touch with us and we will let you know how and where we are!
Happy Summer Vacation!


  1. Hey Mr. Boyce!! Its Kyler G. sorry about the lag time in getting signed up to your blog. The reason why i am posting so soon is i just got a flyer on something that i think might interest you. If you are still in colorado over the days July 25 to 28 try and make your way to Aspen for an environmental forum that they are saying is going to be a huge meeting of the minds and leaders. The flyer says there will be companies and thinkers of all sorts there. It is called the Aspen Environment Forum and it is being put on by the Aspen Institute and National Geographic. It will be adressing the question can we sustain this plante? If you want more information the web stie to go to is I hope to try and make it for the final two days but i am not absolutly positive i can yet and if not i will deffinitly be there next year (did i mention it was the third annual?). I hope you can make it and i hope your trip is going well!!
    O and i almost forgot i will be in yellowstone this summer i am not exactly sure when yet but i will be there and i will let you know when i know.

    Your student,
    Kyler G.

  2. Hope the trip is treating you both well. Every time I see a V-Dub bus cruising down the road I can't help but think of you two and wonder how the trip is going. I don't know if either of you are a fan of country music, but there is a band called the Zac Brown Band and one of their songs is called "Free". You should listen to it as it pertains to you.....sort of.

    Well keep on fighting the good fight and have fun out there!